How To Setup CloudFlare CDN on Your Website Free Step by Step

How To Setup Cloudflare CDN on Your Website Free Step by Step

Did you create your first website on Blogger or WordPress recently? You have heard a lot about CloudFlare or CDN but do not know what this is? Why do you need Cloudflare or CDN for your website? Is CloudFlare free? Do You also want to add Cloudflare in your blogger or wordpress website for free?

So, actually you have come to the right place, I am going to guide you and solve all queries in detail and answer all these questions.

In this article, I will tell you How you can create a CloudFlare account and What are the benefits for using Cloudflare on your website. How you can add your website in CloudFlare or CDN and make your website faster and secure with https.

First of All, What is Cloudflare? Why do you need it and what are the benefits for using Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is one of the best CDN or Content Delivery Network available in the current market. It is just like Proxy or VPN that you use in your smartphones and PC/Laptops that helps to protect your identity but it is with extra features that are required for your website. It acts as a website firewall and it monitors all traffic coming to your website and blocks all suspicious traffic And yes It is free. CloudFlare gives some premium services and features to its free users. Cloudflare provides


  • Free SSL certificate (HTTPS

  • Very simple DNS management - You can manage DNS of your all websites directly from Cloudflare. You do not need to visit each and every hosting or registrar website for changing your DNS. Just one place to manage DNS of your all websites.

  • Free protection against DDoS Attack or hackers attack - If you find your website is under DDoS attack, you can block all traffic coming to your website directly from Cloudflare.

  • Auto minify Javascript, HTML, CSS - it significantly helps in speeding up your website and reduce pagespeed or website loading time

  • Brotli and Rocket Loader Feature - It also speeds up page loading time.

  • Always Use HTTPS Feature - this feature helps in redirecting all HTTP requests to HTTPS and make your website secure. Cloudflare gives this feature to every user for free and when you turn this feature on then every browser will your website as a secure site.

and these features are enough for your own website or for individual website / small business websites.

Before starting you will need 

  • Cloudflare account 

  • Custom domain and access to your registrar (domain provider) website from where you bought your custom domain like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Bigrock etc. In my case my registrar or domain provider is Click Here to get Top Rated Domain for Free

How to create Cloudflare CDN account step by step

It is pretty simple. You just need an email. Let me guide you

  • Visit CloudFlare website or Click Here and then click sign up


  • Enter your email id and password (make sure your password meets the requirement)

  • Click on Create account and verify your email. That's it. Now time add your website in Cloudflare 

Step by Step to add your website in the CloudFlare

After creating account, CloudFlare ask to enter your website address or You can

  • Sign in into your Cloudflare account and tap on add site

  • Enter your website address without HTTP and WWW


  • Choose Free plan and click confirm


    - It will start scanning existing DNS Address and will show your all DNS address. Make sure to match all DNS addresses that are available on your domain provider website( you can view it by clicking manage Domain). If any of them is missing then add that missing DNS address in Cloudflare

  • If DNS address is done Click Continue
  • Cloudflare will ask to add its two Nameservers to your Domain provider website

  • Go to Domain provider website and open manage Domain section
  • Copy and paste Cloudflare Nameservers into your domain Custom nameservers (in manage domain section)

    and save it.. Done

Now Cloudflare will take a few hours to verify it. It may take up to 24hrs. Once it gets verified  You will see the Site is Active on Cloudflare website.

Now Time to add protection - HTTPS and Speed up Your Website Step by Step

  • Go to SSL/TLS section and enable full encryption

  • On the same page click on edge certificates and enable Always use HTTPS

  • Now Tap on speed → optimization and Enable auto minify for HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • On the same page Enable Brotli and Rocket Loader

  • Now Click on Cache → Configuration and click on purge everything

Now everything is done and that is enough required settings for your website in the free version of Cloudflare.

Hope This article helped you in setting up Cloudflare on your website. If you still did not understand any step. I have made a video on this article step by step to set up Cloudflare on your Website. You can watch it below and subscribe to my channel if it helps. Thanks for coming here. Have a great day

Watch Step by Step to Setup Cloudflare on your website Click Here to watch on YouTube

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