How to use Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools For SEO

Finally Ahrefs Tools launched something free for all users. It is Ahrefs Webmaster Tools or AWT. It is a totally free SEO tool that you can use it to boost SEO of any website that you own. It will help every newbie who recently built his website and wants to improve his SEO without paying money. It is a 100% Free SEO Tool.

What is Ahrefs Tools?

In short, Ahrefs is a tool that help you to find your competitor and beat them and also displays the details of your website as well as that of your competitor website  - 

  • Organic Keywords research  - it shows all top keywords that rank your website in search engines like Google, Bing & more. With help of Ahrefs you can find the low competition keywords and rank your website in Google

  • Backlinks Checker - it shows details of all websites or URLs that are referring to your website. It means from where all traffic is coming to your website other than organic traffic.

  • Site Explorer - It is a tool to check the health status of your website and it will help in checking that your website posts are crawled properly on Ahrefs or not. It is the combination of Backlinks Checker, Organic Keyword Research and paid traffic research.

And there are 100s of tools available in Ahrefs like Site Audit, Keyword Explorer, Rank Tracker, Content Explorer, Ahrefs Rank and more, With the help of these tools you can find best and top rank keywords, the error of your website and also get solution of that error so you can fix it and make your website SEO Friendly.

Basically this article is based on Ahrefs Webmaster Free Tools or AWT, So we will discuss only about AWT

What is Ahrefs Webmaster Tools or AWT?

Ahrefs webmaster tools is also known as AWT. This is a completely free tool provided by Ahrefs. This Ahrefs tool provides the feature of Site Explorer and Site Audit of your own website for free. Rest remaining tools are paid. You can start the 7 days trial of paid tools and enjoy full benefits of Ahrefs Tools.

How to create an account of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for free?

  • Visit Ahrefs Webmaster Tools website or Click Here

  • Click Sign Up for free - you can sign up with your Google account, Facebook account or just with any Email Id. If you already have an account then just log in with your details.

  • After sign up it will ask some basic questions like where did you hear about this tool? .etc. and answer these questions. Now it will redirect you to dashboard of Ahrefs.

  • Now click on create project and provide your website address and proceed.


  • Now it will ask you to verify the ownership of your website - Remember: This free tool only works on your own website. If you want to track the website of your competitor then you need to purchase his plan

  • You can verify the ownership of your website in two ways either manually or with Google search Console(This is the fastest method to verify). I will recommend you to verify your website with Google Search Console but don’t worry I will tell you both methods. Even I will tell what method is fastest in manual verification.

First Method: How to verify website using Google Search Console Method

  • It is the fastest method Just click on Import and it will ask you to sign in with an email id that is linked to your Google Search Console Account.


  • Now give all permissions to Ahrefs and proceed - It will ask to view the data of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


  • Now it will get the all website that is linked to your google search console. Just tick the website that you want to add in Ahrefs.

  • Recommended settings are already turned on. If you want to crawl external links then turn this option on.

  • Now proceed and then click on finished.


Second Method: How to verify the ownership of your website manually at Ahrefs

  • Click on Add Manually and provide your website address.
  • On Next screen it will ask to verify the ownership of your website.
  • There are several methods in manually verification like DNS Record, HTML Tag, HTML File.

    1. DNS record - In this method you need to add DNS Record on domain provider or registrar website in the manage DNS Section.
    2. HTML File - Ahrefs will tell to download HTML File and upload it to root of your website or domain in cPanel.
    3. HTML Tag
    - Ahrefs will tell you to copy HTML code and paste it between headers of your website. Just paste it above </head>.
  • I will recommend you to choose the HTML Tag method because it is the fastest among these all manual methods.

Some useful feature of this Ahrefs Webmaster Tools or AWT

  • Ahrefs Site Explorer - In this section there are following features you can use to improve your website -

  • Backlink Profile - It will show details of all backlinks ,referring domain, referring IPs, internal backlinks, anchors and more.
  • Organic Search - It will show Top organic keywords, Top pages, Top subdomains, competing domains and pages, content gaps and more.
  • Pages - It will show the details of best by links (top page with top url), top contents and more.
  • Outgoing link - it will show the details of linked domain, broken links and more
  • & There are more features available in Ahrefs Site Explorer that you can use it to monitor your website.
  • Ahrefs Site Audit - In this section Ahrefs crawl and analyse your whole website (its pages and links) & checks the health status and provides accurate data. You will see what errors are in your website and how you can fix these errors (you will see the solution below the error)? What is the health score of your website and how to improve it? And more

So this is all about Ahrefs Webmaster Tools or AWT and its features and uses you get in this newly launched free SEO tool by Ahrefs. Hope Ahrefs will provide more SEO tools for free to its users in future.

This is the complete guide about Ahrefs Webmaster Tools or AWT. Hope you enjoy it and gain some useful knowledge as a Blogger. Do share this article to your friends and family who is currently doing blogging or willing to do it in future.

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Thanks for coming here and reading this article. If you still have any question or feedback then please don’t hesitate to comment below. I will do my best to solve all your queries.

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