How To Create Uphold Wallet and Connect to Brave Browser Reward

How To Create Uphold Wallet and Connect to Brave Browser Reward

These days everyone who knows about Brave Browser is using Brave Browser. They know and I know too that currently there is no browser that can compete over Brave Browser. Few days ago Brave browser became Top rated browser with 4.8 ratings on Google play store and left Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge & more browsers behind.

What is Brave Browser

In brief Brave Browser is a privacy focused browser that is designed to protect your privacy and also blocks all trackers and ads from tracking you. It is doing everything to preserve users' identity at any cost. It gives you a full clean interface with no ads on any website and also pays you when you surf on the internet.

If you are a Brave browser user or a Brave verified creator or publisher then you must need Uphold wallet. Because whenever you earn BAT tokens or get donation from your users, Brave rewards in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token) - A cryptocurrency token is only sent to the Uphold wallet and there you can either cash it (only for supported countries) or withdraw to another exchange so you can trade it. Currently this is the only wallet that is supported by Brave browser.

What is Uphold Wallet?

It is a cryptocurrency wallet or you can say a little exchange (but not truly) where you can Buy, Sell, Hold, Send and receive some cryptocurrencies. Currently this wallet has a limited number of crypto currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC). Ethereum (ETH) & more.

Here you also get BAT Tokens sent by Brave Browser.

You can cash these tokens directly into your bank account. Currently bank accounts of only some countries are supported. These are USA, Australia, Norway and more. Here is the full list of countries .

Don’t worry if your country is not listed there. You can send these tokens into your local cryptocurrency exchange that is available in your country. And there you can directly cash it into your local bank. I will recommend you to exchange or convert these tokens into Ripple or XRP and then send it to your local exchange because there may be high transfer fees for sending BAT but for XRP it will be very low transfer fees.

How to Create Uphold Wallet and verify your identity?

1. Click here to sign up on Uphold Wallet

2. Enter Your Email id, Password (make sure it meets its requirement) and Choose your country.

Create Uphold wallet account

3. Tick all T&C and proceed ‘next’

4. Enter your Full Legal Name and Date of Birth - These (even spellings) must be matched with that on your Government Identity proof

enter full legal name and dob in Uphold wallet account

5.Enter your phone number and proceed

6. A verification link will be sent on your email - verify your email and log in into your Uphold account.

Uphold account verify email id

7. Now you need to verify your identity. Click on your name or Profile on the Top - Right

Now click on ‘Become a verified member’.

Uphold account upload identity proof and selfie

8. Enter your full address with ZIP/Pin Code, City and State. that is written on your identity proof

9. Now it will ask to select the type of identity proof. You can provide a Driving license, Passport or any Government identity proof.

10. Now proceed and upload the picture of the Front and Back side of your identity card.

11. Now upload Selfie and submit it.

12. Now you have successfully submitted your identity proof for KYC to Uphold. It will take 7 to 8 days to be verified and after you can receive your payments and tips from Brave reward.

How to verify and connect Uphold to Brave Browser Reward?

After your identity proof gets verified by uphold, you can connect to Brave rewards and receive BATs and also you can tip your BAT to your favourite creator.

Click on the ‘Brave Rewards icon’ on the top right of the address bar in Brave browser. it is in the shape of a triangle. Or you can type this brave://rewards/ and directly access Brave Rewards.
connect uphold to brave browser reward

1. Now click on ‘Verify Wallet’ and then login

2. It will redirect you to the Uphold website. There enter your login credentials and proceed.

Now your Brave rewards wallet is successfully verified and connected with Uphold wallet. Now every month your earned BAT Tokens will be credited to Uphold Wallet. You can also tip BAT token to your favourite Creator from uphold wallet.

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Hope this article helped you in creating and verifying the identity of uphold wallet and also in connecting uphold to Brave Browser. I am sure you have liked reading this article. If you still have any doubts or questions regarding this top, please feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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