How to earn money with brave browser every month

What is Brave Browser and How To Earn Money with Brave Browser?

You can earn passive money by just browsing in Brave Browser. Not just you can make money but also Brave browser gives you many useful features without adding any extension. The best feature of this browser is that it protects your privacy and blocks all ads & suspicious things on websites that try to track and collect your personal data. Brave Browser is now Top rated browser on play store surpasses Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge.

What is Brave Browser and How is it different from Chrome?

Brave Browser is a Chromium based privacy focused & friendly browser that is designed to protect your privacy on the internet whenever you surf or go to any websites. It also blocks all Ads and trackers by default that try to steal and collect your personal information and also give you an ad-free interface on the website without using any extension.

And this helps you to load websites very quickly and save more internet data as compared to other web browsers like Chrome and more. This feature makes this browser extremely fast and time saving. Brave Browser does not collect any information and data of its users.

I have tested this on You can check the result below. You can also test Brave browser yourself and compare with chrome or your favourite browser. Which browser did you find better? Let us know  in the comment section below - 

testing brave browser on

You can download Brave Browser today and start using. Don’t forget to make it the default browser.

How can you earn money with Brave Browser?

There is a Brave Reward System integrated inside Brave Browser that pays you if you enable it. When you install Brave Browser it is turned off by default. It is just optional. if you want a completely ad free browser and don’t want any single ad then you don’t need to enable it.

But if you want to earn some money by just surfing the internet then you should enable it. It will show you some ad notification at some interval that is un-noticeable. And This ad is privacy protected and doesn’t collect any information. You can customize no. of ads per hour in Brave reward settings. You don’t need to click on it. You can dismiss the notification anytime and still you will be paid in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token). Brave browser also pays you for sponsored images that you can see on the homepage. Every Time you refresh the homepage, the image changes. 

You can see your estimated BAT reward for the current month in the Brave reward Settings and the number of tokens increases every time you get a new ad notification.

Every month you get a claim button and after claiming, BAT Tokens will be credited to your Uphold wallet.

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Step by Step to enable Brave Reward and get paid:

  1. Download and install the latest Brave Browser

  1. Open and now finish welcome setup

  1. Now click on Triangle shaped icon on the top right and go to reward setting or type brave://rewards/ in address bar and hit enter

  1. Now enable Brave Reward and start earning money. On the same page you can see how many BATs you earned this month.

You can customize the number of ads per hour. You can set maximum 5 ads per hour or  minimum 1 ads per hour. Maximum ads mean maximum earning. You can also turn off Auto-Contribute and Brave browser won’t deduct your BAT automatically and pay to brave verified creators.

What is Basic Attention Token or BAT?

BAT (Basic Attention Token) is a digital cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) .etc. You must have heard about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency if you haven’t, Please google it.

It is created by Brave Software. This BAT Project is led by Brendan Eich (Ex- Co-Founder of Mozilla).

Brave Browser pays you in BAT and it is credited to your Uphold wallet. and there you can cash it to your bank or you can transfer these tokens to your local crypto exchange and trade or cash it in your local bank.

You can also use this BAT token to support your favourite creator. You can support any YouTube channel, twitter user, GitHub user, favourite website and more. But they must be verified with Brave browser. You can see a verified tick when you click on the brave reward icon on the right side of the address bar. Many Big Youtubers and websites are Brave verified creators such Wikipedia, Khan Academy, DuckDuckGo, and many more.

You are using Brave browser and it is blocking ads on their YouTube channels and websites so you can read and watch them without any disturbance by the ads but they are not earning any money. That’s why you should consider donating BAT and support them.

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