Paytm Launches Paytm Mini App Store on Android to Counter Google Levy

Paytm Launches Paytm Mini App Store on Android to Counter Google Levy 

Indian E-Commerce and Digital payment system giant Paytm recently launched its Mini App store on its Paytm app platform. Paytm launched it to counter Google 30% levy on transactions that requires developers to pay this amount of charges on all transactions. And it also also launched for promoting atmanirbhar bharat initiative.

You must have heard news recently that Google had temporarily banned Paytm app on Google play store and said it was banned due to some security issue and gambling advertisement. Paytm had shown some type of gambling advertisement on its paytm app. Google said this violates our policies.

What is Paytm mini app store?

Paytm claims its mini app store has been built and integrated with open source like html and javascripts and has more than 150 million monthly active users on its mini app store. And it invited all Indian developers and small businesses to list their products on its mini app store platform without paying any charges.

It is all in one app that has more than 300 apps like Ola, Rapido, Netmeds, Domino Pizzas, OneMG pharmacy, NoBroker, Mojo Pizzas and many more as per statements given by Paytm. You can also book movie tickets, book hotels, train and aeroplane tickets .etc. Paytm said that by using its Mini app store, users can save Internet data and more space in their mobile storage. Because they do not need to download all apps separately. They can access all apps from its mini store and also get some discount on products and foods.

How to access Paytm Mini App Store?

First of all If you have Paytm app then you do not need to download any other app. It is integrated inside Paytm App. You can download the paytm app here and sign in if you have an account.

  • Open Paytm app and click ‘show more’ or you can directly search in paytm app.

  • Now you can see all apps and websites.

    paytm mini app store in paytm app

  • And click on it you will be redirected to particular website

  • It will ask you to give permission of paytm account details such as Your Paytm profile name, Email id, Phone number. Now click ‘Allow’ and do order or book anything as you do on their website.

Paytm has its own payment gateway so You can pay with Paytm UPI,Paytm payment bank, Paytm Wallet, Debit card, Credit Card or internet banking. And  note that there are no charges on paying with Paytm UPI and paytm wallet but have some charges on different payment methods.

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