Top 10 Useful Telegram Bots And Groups You Must Try

Telegram Bots that make your digital life easier and easier and now bots became a must needed thing these days for everyone who knows about it. Bot can do plenty of things, even complex things for you in a couple of seconds. They are even better than Google Search sometimes. They are loaded with many functions. They can find, download any file, music, video and app for you. They can also play quiz with you and teach you. And have many more features.

There are Lakhs or millions of Bots available on telegram and many of them have unique functions and features. They can be created by anyone and operated by its owner. They are created to help the community or for himself. Telegram Bots have AI features and can do anything.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a social messaging app just like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger app but has many features. If you are still not using telegram you must give it a try.. I guarantee you will forget using WhatsApp or Facebook messaging app.

Here is the list of Top 10 Telegram Bots you must try

  1. Torrent Leech Group/Bot - @ViperCloud & More Groups here

    Here you can leech (download) any torrent directly from Telegram. You don’t need to download any separate torrent app to download your torrent file. This group has multiple Bots that help you to leech torrent and upload that file to Gdrive so you can directly download from Google Drive with high speed. Not only it can leech torrent but also mirror any direct link and YouTube video to gdrive. It can also extract and archive your file or folder in rar and zip format. It can also clone any public google drive folder. Join This channel @ViperCloud and join Viper Cloud group through invite link (Provide in this channel). Read instructions given in the group for using Bot and function of it.

  1. Apk Downloader Bot - @apkdl_bot & @PremiumAppBot

    - With the help of this bot you can download any app, even premium apps directly from Telegram. If the particular app is not available in play store then you don’t need to go to google and search that app. Also you don’t even need to go to any website to download apps. You can do this with the help of these Bots. Just start the bot and search your app by sending the app name to bot. It will show you all apps related to the name you sent and now you can download that app from telegram.

  1. Fake or Temp Mail Bot - @fakemailbot

    - Now you don’t need to give your personal email on a website which you don’t trust. Instead you can use temporary email and you can create fake or temp mail with the help of this bot. Just start this bot, send /generate command to bot and create your desired fake email. You can use this email on any website and apps.

  1. Direct Link Generator - @FileToLinkTGbot & @LinkToFilesBot

    - If you want direct download link of any file or you don’t want to download any file or video on telegram itself then this bot will help you to generate direct public link. Just start the bot and send any file or forward any file from any telegram group or channel to this bot. It will generate a direct link of that particular file within seconds. You can copy this link and send it to anyone, everyone who has this link can download the file.

  1. URL Uploader Bot - @url_uploadbot

    - It does just the opposite of what Link generator Bot does. You can send a direct download link of any file to this bot and this bot will upload that file to the telegram server. Now you can send this file to any telegram group or users. But remember in Telegram, the single file upload limit is upto 2gb.

  1. Live Cricket Score - @cricbuzz_bot

    - This bot can help you to check live cricket score directly from telegram. Just start the Bot and send a command /score. It will list all live matches. This telegram bot can also show you live commentary and scorecard.

  1. Movie Subtitle finder - @subtitle_dl_bot

    - If you want to find subtitles of any movie or series, you can use this bot. This bot can help you to find subtitles of all movies and series in many languages such as English, Hindi, Arabic & many more. You can download subtitles directly from telegram.

  1. URL Shortener - @iShortUrlBot

    - You can short your long URL with the help of this bot without going to any website. You can do it directly from telegram. This bot uses Api. You can also check the statistics of your url like how many clicks you got on your urls.

  1. Bing Image Search - @bing

    - You can search and download images directly from telegram with the help of this bot. Just type image name, select the image that you want to download and download that image by tapping on it.

  1. File Name Changer Bot - @HK_rename_BOT

    - With the help of this bot you can change the name of any file such as video, music without actually downloading it. You can use this bot and change the name of the file within telegram without downloading and save your internet data. This bot can also change the thumbnail of videos.

More other useful Telegram bots:

Youtube Bot : @utubebot

Movie Search Bot: @TGFilmBot

Google Drive Bot: @GdriveXbot

Torrent Search Bot: @FDTorrentSearchBot

File Converter Bot: @ConvertHeXBot

Unzip - UnRar Bot: @UnzipTGBot

Note: All the above bots, I mentioned, do not belong to me. Those Bots belong to their respective owner so they may take it down anytime.

So I have given the list of Top 10 Telegram Bots that I use when I need. You must give these bots a try so you can know the features and functions of these bots. Trust me It will surely help you every time when you need it. It will save a lot of your time.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article and tips. Share it with your family and friends and tell them the benefits of using Telegram.

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