Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Mobile Apps

Hey Guys, I am back with some cool free earning stuff. That is Cryptocurrency mining. You must have heard about it. Don’t worry you don’t need a high GPU, Process, Mining Rig, PC & Bla Bla… :(. You can do it on your android or IOS based phones.

You might have heard Electroneum mobile mining app. They have paid a decent amount of etn (Electroneum token) to its users. I myself earned more than 2000 etn tokens with a single mobile. Currently they have closed mobile mining.

But today I have come with the alternatives of Electroneum mobile mining apps. You can do Crypto Currency mining on your Mobile and with lower specs Mobile too. Actually it is a simulated mining not an actual regular mining. I will tell you the Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Mobile Apps which are totally verified and reputed projects.

Difference between Regular mining and Simulated Mining

Regular Mining means you need resources like it depends on your GPU, High end PC, Mining rig, High electricity, High speed internet .etc

But on the other hand, You don’t need money to purchase these. Actually in simulated mining you don’t need these kinds of things. It doesn’t depend on what hardware you are using, How good your GPU, CPU & processor of your device are, what is the speed of your internet .etc. It’s not a real mining. You only need to keep the app on. In some of the mining apps, you just need to check the app after some time intervals like after 24hr or a week.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Mobile Apps

Pi Network

Pi Network is a decentralized, secure and eco-friendly digital money which is currently launching. It is a good project which is run by a team and they are from very high & reputed university Stanford. A lot of people have already joined and believe in this project. More than a million people have already downloaded and are mining. I believe It’s gonna be big one day as I said big peoples are behind it

Pi Network is available to download on Android and IOS devices. Download the app (use my referral code- wasim943) and sign up using email or Facebook. Set up your profile and start mining. You just need to open and check the app every 24hrs. Join more people and earn more.


ThunderCore Hub

ThunderCore token is already listed on CoinMarketCap and coingecko and currently it’s being traded on big exchanges like Huobi Global, Upbit & more. 

You just need to download the ThunderCore Hub app and register using email or Facebook (use my referral code JJNEPN if you want to earn 1% extra). You will earn Thunder Token by signing into the app daily. You can earn 5, 10 or even 100 TT Daily. You can earn even more by completing daily tasks, holding earned TT Tokens and by referring people.

Enecuum (ENQ) Mining App

ENQ is another listed token on CMC & coingecko and is currently being traded on Probit & Kucoin. ENQ mining app is some kind of real mining. You can download the app here, create ENQ wallet and start mining ENQ Token on regular or low specs Android devices. It requires minimum Android 4.4, 1GH Processor & 1.5gb of Ram. It also requires a minimum 25ENQ (0.40$) balance in the ENQ wallet before you start mining. You can buy from kucoin or probit and send it to ENQ wallet address. Actually It is a kind of good thing, it will prevent those who mine using multiple accounts.  Make sure to back up the private key when you create ENQ Wallet.

MIB Coin Miner

Another Coin that can be mined on Mobile. MIB Coin is also listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. It is being currently traded on Probit Exchange. Just download the MIB Coin miner app, create a wallet and start mining. You can mine on multiple phones. Actually in this app you can control the power of mining whether you can set low, moderate or high.

Scala Project

Scala (XLA) is a privacy coin and also listed on exchanges like crex24. You can find more details about this coin on Coingecko or CMC and it can also be mined by Android phones.

Actually this mobile app depends on your device specs/hardware, better device you have, more coin you will mine. Download the mobile miner app, create a wallet and start mining. It will show you all details about ongoing mining on the phone screen.

Some Other Cryptocurrency Mining Mobile Apps:

  • TimeStope Miner App- It gives you free Time Coins. Create account today & start mining. use my referral code "wasimraja" for extra bonus. Rule for mining is simple, You only need to press attendance button every day, it will give you +2 points every day & if you miss attendance someday, it will reduce -3 points per day. Make your attendance never gets zero otherwise your account will get suspended.

  • Phoneum Miner App- It gives you Free PHT Tokens. it's currently tradable on Probit Exchange. You only need to press mine button every week (once in 7 days). Sign up now and use my referral code "s8jb7h8c" to get 200 PHT Tokens as Bonus.

  • Bee Networks- It gives you free Bee Tokens. You need to press mine button once in every 24 Hrs. Sign up today & use my referral code "wasimraja" for extra bonus.

So I have just given you a rough idea about how you can mine cryptocurrency on your mobile. It is pretty hard to mine cryptocurrency on mobile but the 5 miners or can say projects that I told you above have proven that you can mine cryptocurrency on your phone and earn some coins by just opening the app daily/ weekly or doing some tasks. Again I would say it is not real mining but simulated mining that pays you for using their apps.

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