Top 5 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies Without Any Investment

 Top 5 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies without any investment

As 2021 has started and price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies also started mooning with beginning of 2021, Many new people are coming in this market and want to try it or invest into this but they fear to lose their money because they don’t know more about cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin. They are looking for different ways so they can try & earn these cryptocurrencies without investing their money.

So, Today I came up with Top 5 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies and this will not need your any type of investment. These ways are legit & verified ways. I’m using these personally. Here is the Top 5 Legit Ways

Brave Browser is a privacy focused decentralized browser. You can earn $BAT - Basic Attention Token free by using this browser. Main feature of Brave Browser is that it blocks ads. Google Chrome shows you a lot of ads on websites or on YouTube but they never paid you for viewing it, So i will say, start using Brave Browser and get paid for it. You just need to download & install and enable Brave Reward in setting. It's available on almost all platforms. After enabling Brave Reward, You will start receiving ads in the notification bar & you will be paid in $BAT Token every month. It depends on the number of ads you receive. You can set the maximum number of ads in the ads setting if you want to earn more. I have written a separate article on Brave Browser, You can check it here.

If you are using Google to search something, then stop doing this from today & use Presearch for the same thing. Because Google doesn’t pay you for this but Presearch does. Google uses you as a product so stop being a product & start using Presearch. Presearch pays you if you use it for searching on the web like you do on Google for decades. It pays you in $PRE token. You can earn 0.25 PRE token per search upto Max 8 PRE tokens per day. Currently its price is 0.025$ per $PRE. If you sign up through my referral link, you will get 25 PRE tokens as bonus.

Recently CoinMarketCap started a learn & earn campaign in association with Binance & different coins. Here you need to watch some videos and give the right answers of the questions asked in the form (Quiz). You can easily find all answers on social media platforms posted by people or you can contact me on social media for the answers.

Requirement: You need to create your account on CoinMarketCap and Binance exchange. You also need to verify KYC on Binance. After getting verified, visit this page and earn different cryptocurrencies coins for free.

LBRY is a decentralized platform where you can watch videos and read blogs. LBRY TV is the same as YouTube but YouTube will never pay you for watching videos on it but LBRY TV will. You will be paid in LBC coin. You can earn up to 100 LBC Coins daily. Currently its price is 0.09$ per coin. You can also earn by publishing posts & videos on this platform. Sign up on LBRY Tv and get paid to watch videos.

Publish0X is same as LBRY but here you can only find blog posts about Cryptocurrencies. Publish0x pays for reading and writing on its platform. You can earn different cryptocurrencies by just reading & writing posts about cryptocurrencies. Sign Up on Publish0x today and start earning crypto coins. 

It is same as CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn Campaign. Here you can earn a big amount of cryptocurrencies like 50$ of XLM coin, 60$ of COMP & many more. You need to do the same thing as you do on Coinmarketcap earn campaign. Just watch the video & answer the questions. Sign Up on Coinbase today and do your KYC. Visit here to Earn Free cryptocurrencies. One thing I don’t like about it is that it’s available for only limited countries, Find all eligible countries here for Coinbase earn campaign. If your country is under the eligible list, You can earn these coins free of cost.

I hope I could provide you Top 5 best & legit ways to earn crypto currencies that are currently active. These smart ways may give you a quick start to your crypto portfolio if you have never been in crypto. I will suggest you to hold these cryptocurrencies tokens, these may give you huge profit in future. Hodl is the best key in the cryptocurrency world.

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